How it works

Why you should use Managed Desktops instead of building your own VDI

Building your own Citrix or VDI project is a challenging and intimidating project. We are disrupting the DIY model.

IT often struggle to estimate the right balance of hardware required. To little leads to a poor user experience and perception. Costs can spiral out of control as hardware budgets are padded.

We specialise in the design, build and operation of Managed Desktops. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls, and achieve the benefits. You simply tell us how many users - and we will handle the rest.

Choose Your Specification

We specialise in building onsite solutions tailored to your needs. Tell us how many users, and what they are doing. We'll help you determine the best operating model - we support traditional published apps to full persistent virtual desktops. You can even choose to use your own Microsoft licensing, or have Molten Technologies provide this as part of the service.

We support any user requirement the basic office worker to video editing power user. We ensure they always get the resources they need. We maintain all of the services up to the desktop, so you can focus on your users and apps. The market commonly refers to this as the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) model.

Scale up or scale out

We use a distributed grid architecture which is without a single point of failure. Our hyper-converged solution is designed specifically to accelerate VDI. We can scale up or scale out with ease.

We'll design the correct commodity x86 server specification with you, or provide Molten Technology servers ready to use. Want more users? Simply add more servers - no expensive proprietary hardware required.

Stay In Control

As an administrator you want to retain control. You can handle your relationship with users. We provide a single console where you can create apps or desktops, and assign them to your users.

Our solution is designed for enterprise integration with your own Active Directory and toolsets such as anti-virus and monitoring. We make available technical engineers and consultants to help you get the best from your existing environment.

Molten Technologies Managed Desktops will save you time

Molten Technologies Managed Desktops solves the common challenges. Now you can deliver your apps or desktop to your users with ease. See how we compare with competitors, and how we will save you time.

Competitor Desktops

Operationally complex

Competing Virtual Desktop or Server Based Computing solutions are powerful but often require many components that are complex and costly to maintain.

MT Advantage


We make sure your desktops are always available when you need them - you can stay focuses on providing your people with apps.

Pick a desktop image, choose how many desktops, and assign to users.

Cloud Desktops

Limited flexibility

Cloud hosted Desktops are a simple solution but have limited configuration options, and challenges with data jurisdiction.

MT Advantage


Administer from a single console and you can keep your data in your data centre.

Molten Tech Desktops

Yours apps. Your data. Any device. Anywhere.

Give your users the freedom to work anywhere on any device. Keep complete security and control - it will cost less than you might think.

MT Advantage


We use simple, proven and standard tools to ensure you're always up and running. We can provide disaster recovery.

Managed Desktops Service Model

Molten Technologies Managed Desktops are a versatile platform that is available now. We're ready to integrate with your IT organisation.

Managed Virtual Desktops Service Model

Organisation Control

You can make changes to your apps or desktop when you need.

Choose how to install your apps. We will help you make user of supporting technologies as you require.

Optional Control

Depending upon your security requirements, you can control your virtual machines and networks - or allow us to do this for you.

Configuration of network VLANs, as well the creation of desktop images is available to you.

Molten Technologies Control

We will ensure that everything you need is ready to go. Point and click to provision your virtual desktops.

Managed Desktops Built Simple

The most simple, and therefore best Managed Desktop Platform available now is from Molten Technologies.

Logical Overview

logical overview of the Molten Technologies Managed Virtual Desktop Platform

Managed Desktops

We manage the platform to ensure that compute, network and storage resources are optimised and ready to go.

Your deployment is operationally standalone while you take advantage of our expertise.

Logical Security Boundaries

You can create security boundaries to limit exposure to your desktops. This allows you to protect users with higher security requirements such as PCI Compliance.

Fast, and Efficient

Fast, reliable and effective installation using our expertise to reduce complexity and risk.

We can have your implementation up and running in two weeks.