The Benefits

Our clients tell us they love the freedom, agility and control that Molten Technologies Desktops, or Desktops-as-a-Service give their organisations. It is like having a PC "in the Cloud".


Do your people want mobility and flexible working?

Are you interested in BYOD (bring your own device)?

With a Molten Technologies Desktop your people can work anywhere on any device.

The need for flexible working to react to client needs, and enable a rapid response to events is ever increasing. As well, users want the flexibility to be able to work in less traditional locations – around the office, away from the office, and at home.

People might want to use their home PC, or an Apple device when your corporate environment is built on Windows. They might want to travel only carrying a beloved iPad. Contractors, external users and third parties often have their own devices.

Using a Molten Technologies Desktop people can work using their preferred device and still access all their corporate applications, all their data, from anywhere with internet access (including 3G). Your people can be more productive and responsive. Your customers benefit. Your business benefits.


Do you have to buy and support extra PCs for temporary staff and contractors?

Would you like to reduce your costs when your demand goes down?

Use more or fewer Molten Technologies Desktops and pay only for what you use each month.

Many companies provide a corporate PC or laptop to temporary workers and contractors. Most already have their own device, they do not want to carry around a second device, and you should not have to buy them one.

Companies provide enough PCs to allow for the busiest time of the year, but often there are seasonal demands such as year end account which exceed normal operations. In this case, your company have unused assets which are un-utilised. With modern businesses making extensive use of freelance, third parties and part-time workers which only add to this burden.

With a Molten Technologies Desktop, they can have full secure access to all their applications, using their own device in an instant. Each month you choose how many desktops you would like and you pay only for this. You can react to changes more quickly. You can add capacity or reduce your costs. Your business benefits. If you have less demand, then you pay less. Simple as that.


Do you have concerns about sensitive data left on a laptop which is forgotten on a train or stolen from the car?

Can you get data, applications and devices back from 3rd parties or staff when they leave?

Using a Molten Technologies Desktop, the data sits at the data centre and not on the local device.

If you want to use your Windows applications on any device, or from any location then data security if often a concern. If your user loses their device, then there is no security issue. Data is only accessible behind the appropriate security and password. The lost device has no access rights. There is no data on the device. The user login and identity can be removed or cut off instantly if required.

Maintaining laptops remotely often raises challenges around security patches, and ensuring users follow best practise to protest your data. Customer and corporate confidentiality is enhanced. Your reputation with your customer is enhanced. Your business benefits.

By operating your desktops in your data centre you retain control. You can rest assured that your applications and there data remain safe, while making it easy to maintain security and keep costs under control.

Your Journey to Molten Technologies Desktops

Molten Technologies have the people and the tools to help you through business change.

Molten Technologies are more than a solution provider, we will help your company from the business case through to business benefits.

Use Hosted Desktops to immediately take advantage of securing your data, and enabling the mobility of your people. As time progresses we can help you increase your operational efficiency, and take advantage of flexibility to grow your business. Revenues will grow, while IT support costs continue to reduce. This has the impact of freeing your IT staff to explore further innovation, and find new ways to do more with less.