Case Studies

Thames Water brings DaaS to the UK

Molten Technologies offers a range of consulting and virtual desktop services to large enterprise, government and medium business. We work across industry with particular experience in communications, utilities, manufacturing, and public sector. Our VDI focus helps us to understand your business case to help your company get the most out of Virtual Desktop technologies.

Thames Water chooses Desktops-as-a-Service from Molten Technologies

Thames Water were looking to provide remote access for third party users, and chose Molten Technologies as their partner of choice for the first DaaS deployment in the UK.

Using Molten Technologies desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) platform, we support a substantial portion of Thames Water’s third party and internal staff desktop. The appointment of Molten Technologies’ solution followed a substantial period of comparative piloting activity.

Thames Water CIO Aiden Heke said: “Our decision to invest in virtual desktop technology demonstrates our innovative approach and our long-term commitment to contain costs and boost staff productivity by improving flexibility and security. This supports our main aim of delivering the best possible service to our 14M customers.”

Molten Technologies CEO said: “This deal solidifies Molten Technologies’ position as a leading specialist providing virtual desktop services to the Enterprise. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is complex and expensive unless you have the right expertise. Our experience in large end-user desktop environments, coupled with the technology choices that we have made for our clients, means that we can provide a simple SLA model, so that our clients can enjoy the cost-saving and flexibility benefits of virtual desktops without the risk”.

Thames Water are now saving more than 20% of the cost of running their desktop estate, are you? We will build you a “water tight” business case or your money back.

About Molten Technologies

We can deliver for you or help you deliver for yourself - our goal is always to drive an outcome that has a clear business benefit. Where we offer advice, it is always with this in mind.

We are headquartered in the UK and focus predominately in Europe.

We are business focused, particularly with medium business to large enterprise. This reflects both the background of our people, and the strengths of our managed virtual desktop architecture. Our people have all come from extensive large enterprise background, and our architecture which is multi-tenanted, scalable and secure.

We have seen a number of VDI implementations fail and others deliver sub-optimal outcomes. Our view is that this complex area of the market requires deep skills and experience which are rare. We strive to free our clients from this complexity and make achieving the benefits of VDI as simple and cheap as possible.

We see the desktop and device revolution is already underway. It has the potential to drive very substantial business benefit, but also to cause disruption to those who falter.